You are never too old to work out and keep yourself fit. Even if the world asks you to retire and relax at home, your body would be yearning for you to keep moving around. Seniors are more prone to conditions like arthritis, back pain, obesity, and osteoporosis. Check out ApexHealthandCare to learn more about the benefits of exercises. Here comes the list of 5 simple exercises, which can be done at home.

1.    Wall push-ups:

This is a modified version of the conventional push-ups for the seniors. Find a plain wall and stand a little farther, facing it. Place the palms against the wall at about the shoulder width apart. Gently bend your elbows, as you move your body forward towards the wall and push yourself back.

2.    Squats:

Senior citizens encounter difficulty while climbing the staircase and bending down to pick stuff. The squat is a magical workout which strengthens the core and the lower body. Stand in front of a chair with feet wide apart and hands stretched in front, parallel to the ground. Lower yourself and hover over the chair for a few seconds and raise back to the standing position. Repeat.

3.    Toe stands:

It is a great way to strengthen your calves and to restore balance and stability. Stand in front of a chair, hold it for support and gently raise your heel, count till 3 and lower it back.

4.    Lunges:

The single-legged exercises works for your hips, thighs, strengthens the lower body and impart endurance. It involves placing one leg forward with knees bent and feet resting on the ground and the other leg at the backside.

5.    Hip bridges:

It strengthens and tones the gluteal muscles. Lie down on your back, with knees bent and four resting on the floor. Gently push your hip upwards, hold for some time and bring it back to the resting position.