Over thousands of nose reshaping surgeries are performed each year all across the globe; in the US alone rhinoplasty falls within the five most popular forms of cosmetic surgeries. The nose is probably the first thing that people notice about others, and it is only natural that those unhappy with their breathing organ seek help to transform the way it looks for a more acceptable shape and size. In reality, a nose job is not done just for aesthetic purpose alone; it is also done to improve breathing and deal with other abnormalities of the nose.

Cosmetic reasons for a nose job

The man reason for individuals to go for a nose job is to either widen the nostrils or make them narrower or reshape the tip of the nose, reduce or increase the size of the nose and in some cases even alter the angle between the nose and the upper lip. In most of the cosmetic procedures, the surgeons skillfully hide the incisions. The final result is one that blends the nose with the rest of the face and does not stand out conspicuously.

Medical reasons for a nose job

Cosmetic rhinoplasty is elective surgery whereas rhinoplasty done to treat a medical condition is almost mandatory. Individuals suffering from chronic sinus problem find relief when a nose job is done to address the cause of the problem, which in most cases is a deviated septum. Congenital disabilities like cleft palate also require surgical intervention as the condition affects breathing and eating. Burns and injuries are other minor issues that need a rhinoplasty.

If a nose is fully functional and rhinoplasty is performed, it is for cosmetic reasons. Usually, insurance does not cover cosmetic surgery; but thankfully several countries offer world-class facilities at a reasonable price. MyMeditravel is a medical tourism specialist that provides its client’s assistance in not only identifying the state, the doctor but also in planning the entire trip overseas.