Most of our daily activities revolve around the day in planning for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the entire day as well as the snacks in the evening.  As we are more specific about the health aspects of your family, we stick on to the healthy items and a balanced diet to be achieved for the day for your family members.  However, sometimes, we are landed up in vain.  Preparing a daily schedule for a whole day long is such a hard task.  It would be best if you were well equipped in making the regular meals, ensure availability of the required items and so on.

Making your kids with healthy habits need much patience, and you need to play an active role in cultivating the healthy habits within them.  Act as a role model and help your kids to have safe habits with healthy choices every day as it passes.

Here are the few tips for cultivating healthy habits among the children;

•    While you are on a journey, teach them the habit of wearing a seat belt.  This will ensure sure child safety on the board.

•    Apply a sunscreen lotion, to avoid tanning.  It also protects the soft skin from any of the harmful effects of the UV rays.  Sometimes, it causes heat boils or rashes, when you are not protected with the sunscreen.

•    Many indoor activities can be made safer and teach them how to play safely indoor as well as with outdoor activities.

•    Be active and energetic playing with your kids.  This will boost your children energy level, and they will enjoy it.  I always use doodle buckets for my children to engage in a better way.

•    Limit the screen time or reduce the time duration spending in front of the television or the smartphones, and engage them in physical activity.

•    Make them drink fruit juices instead of having any sweetened beverages.  Sweetened beverages are not suitable for health, though your children like it,  replace it with healthy fruit juices.